Our Executive Team

Simon Renaud - CEO, FCM Travel Solutions France & Switzerland

Simon Renaud graduated with an MBA from Lyon School of Management. After an international career in Germany, Australia and the United States, he teamed up with Jordy Staelen in 2006 to found the travel agency 3mundi. Their goal was to optimize business travel fares using a combination of the best human talents and the highest performance technology. In 2015, 3mundi joined the global network of FCM Travel Solutions, a travel management company present in over 90 countries. Simon Renaud then became the CEO of FCM France and FCM Switzerland, where he is now in charge of managing operations in Paris and Geneva, defining the financial strategy, and coordinating the relationship with the FCM global network. In addition, Simon Renaud also supervises the development of the innovative IT applications used by FCM to continually improve customer service. A private pilot since the age of 16, Simon splits his free time between exploring new horizons and skiing the black slopes of the Alps.

Jordy Staelen - Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions France & Switzerland

As an engineer, Jordy Staelen began his career in Mexico where he deployed Lean Manufacturing methods in 3 Delphi plants, an automotive supplier. In 2003, back in France, he joins Alten, a consulting firm as a Business Manager. In late 2006, he started the entrepreneurial adventure : he creates 3mundi, a business travel agency whose innovative business model in  founded upon fare optimization. In 2015, the company joined FCM Travel Solutions, the 4th TMC global network in the world. Today Jordy Staelen leads business  development for FCM in  France and Switzerland. He also manages the Business Travel Lab in Barcelona whose mission is to create new technology solutions to deliver amazing travel  experiences to customers while improving the performance of their companies.