Our Teams

Results and service-oriented, our teams work tirelessly to benefit our clients. Always available and eager to help, FCM teams are 100% committed to offering customized service and anticipating the needs of our clients, with a friendly and upbeat attitude. Each FCM employee makes the client his/her top priority. 

Account Management Team

Your Account Manager is your personal contact at FCM ; he or she ensures optimal management of your travel program. Our account managers know how to extract, analyze and present the right information to help your organization get the most value from your travel expenses. 

Sales Team 

Our commercial team aims to demonstrate how our solutions can meet your needs. This is also your first contact with FCM.

Consulting Team

To deliver the best tools, our Consulting Team, in charge of implementation, continually develops the most innovative solutions. This team handles the implementation of approval systems, mission orders, travel policies, and much more for our clients. Our implementation managers also provide training concerning relevant solutions to your business travel consultant.

Online Support Team

Your Online Support team is at your disposal to answer all of your questions concerning the use of your online booking tools.

Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team is daily committed to the success of our clients’ business trips. From 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., Travel Consultants handle all online and offline demands. FCM is contractually bound to its customers in the following SLA (Service Level Agreements): to answer in less than three phone rings; to reply to all emails in under two hours. 
Cancelled or delayed flights, overbooking, weather problems, issues with visas or other headache- causing problems? No matter what the situation our travelers face, FCM’s Business Travel Consultants commit to always finding optimal solutions to unexpected situations that might disrupt the success of a business trip.

Billing Team

This team aims to deliver the most accurate and clear billing. They answer all of your questions regarding your invoices. 

Finance Team

By intervening at the heart of the operational activities of the company, the Finance Team optimizes all financial processes through the deployment of business intelligence tools.


Marketing & Communications Team

The Marketing and Communications team is in charge of promoting FCM via: 
  • press relations; 
  • participation in fairs; 
  • creation of white papers and contents related to the business; 
  • management of our online presence (newsletters, social networks, website). 

Human Resources Team

The ambition of our HR department is to build an environment conducive to the performance and welfare of our employees. We contribute to the company's success through our HR approach: to reward dedicated employees who go above and beyond. 

One Best Way Team

The "One Best Way" team establishes, controls, and improves our quality service standards, to guarantee our customers, our employees, and our partners a consistent and harmonized level of performance.