Our values

1/ Convivial

At FCM, we work to put our colleagues, clients and partners – in whom we take genuine interest – at ease. Our work environment is one of good cheer, positivity and anticipation of success.

2/ Professional

Our foremost priority is to impress our clients at all times through our quality of service. We attend to all requests with a vigilant approach and we willingly stretch ourselves.

3/ Proactive

To anticipate our customers’ needs, we leverage our professional expertise and inter personal skills, never failing to ensure that we understand our clients’ requests in full.

4/ Responsible

Everyone is responsible for getting the job done. Furthermore, we are, at all levels, held accountable for respecting and conveying our values.

5/ Humble

Ours is a true conviction that there is always room for improvement. To understand, learn, and innovate, we need one another – colleagues, clients and partners alike. At FCM, we are about listening to others and sharing knowledge.

6/ Committed

FCM’s success is the sum of each individual effort to raise the bar and help other colleagues. It stems from a real sense of ownership and belonging.

7/ Audacious

We believe that to prosper, we need to get off the beaten track. We step forward, embrace change, dare to take chances and take responsibility for them.