FCM employees are Happy At Work!

FCM Travel Solutions Switzerland Happy At Work
Media Releases 20 Jun 2018

This year again, FCM Travel Solutions France & Switzerland has obtained the Happy At Work label!

Happy employees make companies thrive! That is what we believe at FCM, and that is why we are very committed in providing our employees with a great work-life balance.

And our efforts seem to be paying off: we have obtained (for the 2nd year in a row) the Happy At Work label, which means that we are part of the companies with the happiest and most motivated teams in Europe! 


Moreover, we have obtained an excellent overall rating: 4.4/5 (vs an average score of 3.81/5 for all assessed companies).


The certification is based on an employee survey, which rewards excellence in the management and motivation of employees, across 6 dimensions:

- Professional development

- Stimulating environment

- Management & motivation

- Salary and recognition

- Pride

- Fun / pleasure


We are very proud to receive this label again, and we are determined to further develop our employees well-being!