FCM Travel Solutions achieves record growth in Switzerland and further strengthens its market position!

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Media Releases 24 Oct 2018

FCM Travel Solutions is booming in Switzerland: check out our latest press release for more details!

FCM Travel Solutions Switzerland has recently signed new contract deals with major accounts, resulting in an increase in turnover of over CHF 17 million in the first half of 2018.

This tremendous growth strengthens the position of FCM on the Swiss market and expands its existing range of clients, which includes over fifty corporate clients across all sectors, such as BCP (private bank), Quotient (pharmaceutical / biotechnology sector), Cimpress (e-commerce / customised products) or Find (non-profit).

Furthermore, FCM Travel Solutions expects to continue growing at a fast pace in 2018-2019. New members have already been added to the team, and recruitments are still ongoing to support this amazing development.


Roxanne Corfu - Country Manager FCM Travel Solutions Switzerland

Roxanne Corfu, Country Manager, FCM Travel Solutions Switzerland

“Switzerland is quite a specific market in the world of corporate travel management, to the extent that clients require customer service of very high standards. The key to success for FCM? We rely on an international network, but we remain a very human and accessible agency. As a result, we provide a very high service quality with a strong interpersonal dimension.

Our model is very different from the one of a call centre: our travel agents are gathered into small teams, dedicated to a limited number of clients, and all based in our offices in Geneva.

Furthermore, we reap the benefits of our management model: our travel agents are rewarded according to their performance and our customers’ satisfaction. Consequently, our teams are incredibly enthusiastic and involved, and our clients are fully satisfied!

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