Paperless Accounting 
Save valuable time for your travellers and ensure better planning of your travel budget! FCM gives priority to tax dematerialisation for your invoices and offers its clients access to Easy Invoicing, its exclusive online billing portal.
With EasyInvoicing, the FCM invoice dematerialisation process is quick and completely automated. Transferring your payment receipts to paperless accounting with FCM's billing tools is quick and automatic.
With Easy Invoicing, benefit from greater security and higher quality accounting:
  • Authenticity and completeness of receipts guaranteed;
  • Verification can be automated;
  • Receipt of invoice rigorously tracked by the dematerialisation tool;
  • Reduction of the deadline for transmission, processing of invoices and potential litigation.
Easy access to your receipts
With 24/7 accessibility via our website, your private billing platform is secure, available in French and English, and branded with your company logo. 
In a few clicks, you can quickly and easily access your invoices on Easy Invoicing platform and check :
  • Your latest invoice once it becomes available;
  • Your billing history.
Store your bills in the FCM lock-box, approved by the relevant authorities for 10 years.
All your invoices are collected within a PDF file. Every evening you will receive a link, allowing you to check your transactions of the day before.
At the end of the selected billing period (weekly, by 10-day periods, or monthly) the final billing account is made available on your private and secure portal.
Manage access from your company
The accounting or billing services of your company manage and grant access to the Easy Invoicing billing platform. Just create a password to grant access to the billing portal for anyone who wishes to use it.
Control and edit your receipts
Your receipts collect the following data, which you can use to sort the selection:
  • Traveller name
  • Transaction number
  • Trip organiser (booker)
  • Type of service
  • Date of trip
  • Billing entity
  • Cost centre
At this stage, you can also edit the selection of your billing data in Excel or CSV formats.
All in all, our Easy Invoicing portal gives you greater control of your travel budget in real time.
For any additional information regarding Easy Invoicing and the billing dematerialisation process, contact our sales department.